How to Create a FREE, Custom HTML 5 Audio Player in Minutes

Does your Podcast or Audio file just sit there on the Web, trapped in an ugly little Player? Sure the content is interesting, you’ve put a lot of time in making something that you’re proud of.

So why present your Audio to the World in a dull, live-less way?

Hi, I’m Paul Valkama and I’ve been involved in Internet Radio since 1996 with RadioTower.com. While there’s been great improvements to the back-end technology the Players seem stuck in the 90′s. Some different skins and some rounder buttons but nothing fundamentally different.

That’s why when HTML 5 Audio came out I’ve never been so excited for the Industry – This IS the future of Online Audio! It’s about integration – Combining the best tools of the Web, the connection of Social Media with your Audio content.

But to date it’s been complex … you’d need a degree in computer engineering to figure it out. Who has the time?

That’s why I proud to introduce ZoomClock, the easy way to create a HTML 5 Audio Player.

Check out our example Players:
Black | Blue (Dark) | Blue (Light) | Green | Orange | Red | Yellow | White

Your listeners can be enjoying your customized Player within minutes:

  • Add your Logo
  • Add your Text
  • Add Content Links
  • Add Social Links
  • Hit Publish and your done!

It’s all Web based so nothing to download, nothing to install. Watch this
Video to see how easy it is!

Best of all it’s FREE!

We’re developing a powerful tool set to help you interact, engage and build your audience all within the ZoomClock Player. We want to be your long term Audio Player provider and are making it as easy as possible to get going.

Start now and be in the front row for the future of Audio!

Spring your MP3 or AAC Audio file to life with a
dynamic, interactive HTML 5 Audio Player from ZoomClock.




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What is HTML 5 Audio?
HTML 5 Audio is an official Spec for the playback of audio on the Internet. It requires no plugin just a HTML 5 Browser.

What audio formats does HTML 5 Audio use?
HTML 5 Audio supports many audio types. However not all Browsers support the same audio type. Use MP3 (or AAC) and OGA to get cross-compatibility.

What is an HTML 5 Player?
In its simplest form an HTML 5 Player can be simply a Play and Stop button that play back a web based audio file. Other audio controls can be added easily enough.

A next gen HTML 5 Player can sync and control anything on a Web page that you want to deliver: graphics, links, widgets, tools, resources, sites, applications ...

The Audio mentions a place in Paris, you see a map, or pictures. Someone else can post a good place to visit there via Facebook or Twitter. A travel widget can pop up with airfare from your city - All triggered by the Audio!

What is ZoomClock?
ZoomClock enables Audio Publishers to easily create deeper, richer and more engaging content for their listeners. Turn visitors into listeners and listeners into fans!

Who runs ZoomClock?
ZoomClock is a Vancouver, Canada based start-up. Founder Paul Valkama has been working with Online Audio since he Founded RadioTower.com in 1996. One of the original Internet Radio Guides it has a large user base and positive media from sources such as Time Magazine, USA Today, LA Times, Readers Digest ...

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